Feed Office Enterprise

The Future of Feed Software is Here.

The future of feed software is here.

Feed Office Enterprise has multi-mill, multi-currency, and multi-language capabilities and can be either web based or PC based.

Orders and information management can be handled centrally or at each site.  Enterprise allows feed manufacturers to link to multiple batching systems; transfer information to and from accounting, production, and formulation software systems; and provides extensive reporting capabilities.

Multi-user capabilities allow multiple users to enter orders and do business concurrently.  System security allows the administrator to control user access and can be set to allow customers to log in and view their orders.

Allows for multiple pricing options; ingredient inventories can be tracked at market, or average costing methods; unit conversions are made easy; and feed can be produced, bagged, inventoried, and then sold efficiently.



Enterprise Features List

This is just a very brief overview of the capabilities of this system.

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