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Automated industrial facility controls from EAI allow for comprehensive facility control at your fingertips no matter the size or layout of your facility.  Customization of all functionality and screens allows your system to look and operate how you want it to whether in automatic or manual modes. It also can be easily modified to accommodate future changes to the facility.    

With productivity, safety, accuracy, and easy-of-use at the forefront of EAI controls development, EAI strives to give your facility more profitability and throughput while minimizing the headaches associated with agricultural facility controls. 

Automated Industrial Loadout Controls



Loadout Pro is an easy to use, versatile data management tool designed for automated industrial facility control. It is capable of many valuable functions such as: load out bin inventory and capacity limits, as well as customer, truck, driver, and delivery information including a visual display of the compartments of the selected truck and its contents.  Seamless integration with other Easy Automation products make the Loadout Pro module a useful tool for increasing the efficiency of your operation.  



  • Can be scaled from basic data management to fully automatic laser loader system.

  • Real time inventory is maintained from feed production to truck loadout observing loadout bin and truck compartment capacities.

  • Full integration to EAI Mark IV Batch Control and other software.

  • Loadout Pro used with Mark IV will help prevent different feeds or modified feeds from being loaded into the same loadout bin.

  • Customer, truck, truck type, and driver information are set up in advance to expedite the truck loadout process

  • History reports are available with a large number of sort parameters.



  • Factory engineered and assembled to customer's specific needs​

  • Compact IEC style starters and contactors provide easy serviceability and allow more components in a smaller space. 

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and soft starts are wired and programmed for specific applications. 

  • Easy expansion of panels with  custom schematics, terminal block layouts, and block diagrams speed up installation and troubleshooting. 

  • Panels are UL approved.