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Photo of feed mill with a truck entering to get feed from the mill.


Feed Mill Automation

Feed Batching Equipment

Feed mill automation is the foundation on which we have built our business. Since 1986, we have supported the feed industry with our fully integrated solution – equipment and facility technology – working together to provide you with the efficiency, connectivity, and data analysis you need. 

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The NexGen® Feed Mill Platform combines both facility controls and order management capabilities into one seamless, integrated platform that works harder for you. 

Our full line of on-farm and commercial-level feed equipment features micro ingredient systems, weigh and loadout hoppers, modular feed processors, bulk (tote) bag racks, and augers. 


NOTE: SAP integration capabilities are dependent on project. Please reach out to our sales team to discuss this further.


NexGen® Feed Mill Platform

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NexGen Feed Mill Platform was designed with you in mind. For the past 35 years, we have worked with feed facilities to understand your challenges and have built our platform with those in mind. Because each facility is different, the NexGen Feed Mill Platform is built with modules that are customizable to fit your needs. Built to scale as your business scales, NexGen is built for your mill's next generation. 


The receiving and reclaim module offers full facility control over receiving the product. Traceability starts when the product enters the facility. Utilize this module to ensure your operation will meet the necessary guidelines and keep you on the path to success. 

Key Features

  • PO Create & Import

  • Real-Time Bin Inventory

  • Truck Scale Interface

  • Auto Routing 

  • Right Bin, Right Product

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The batching module provides controls for unlimited weighted, metered and/or timed ingredients. Automatic free-fall, pulse length, and high-speed shutoff adjustments at the scale or ingredient level provide for improved weighing accuracy for all batch weights. Customized for your facility, minimize your downtime with automated batching capabilities.

Key Features

  • Auto Batching 

  • Lot Tracking 

  • Feed Tags 

  • Flushing 

  • Hand Add Workstation


The grinding and rolling module features auto gap control, bin keep full controls, and mill optimization that keeps your system working hard for you. Our grinding and rolling control system adapts to any hammer or roller mill. This module maximizes grinding and rolling capacity by automatically feeding the system to ensure consistent maximum efficiency of the system.

Key Features

  • Bin Keep Full 

  • Auto Forward / Reversing (Hammer Mill)

  • Auto-Gap Control (Rolling)

  • One or More Source Bins

  • Safety Shutdown Capabilities

Feed_Grinding_HMI Screen.jpg

The pelleting and extruding module features an advanced pelleting algorithm that allows you to get more efficiency out of your pellet mill compared to other systems. By incorporating the material properties of the feed ingredients into the calculation, we can remove the lag in control seen by other systems. By removing the lag time, we can push the mill that much harder without the worry of plugging. 

Key Features

  • Auto Feed & Steam Adjustment 

  • Auto Liquid Application Controls

  • Inventory Tracking & Transfer 

  • Equipment Run Time Tracking

Feed_Pelleting_HMI Screen.jpg

The maintenance and safety module brings all of your facility information and data together under one platform. When it comes to maximizing your facility's efficiency, having the right information about your equipment and potential causes for downtime is priceless. This module brings all of that information to your fingertips and allows you to make better decisions.

Key Features

  • AMP Load Monitoring 

  • Equipment Run Time Tracking 

  • Conveyor Plug & Slack Chain 

  • Maintenance Reminders 

  • Leg Speed & Alignment Sensors 

  • Bearing Temp Monitoring

Feed_Maintenance_Equipment Meters.jpg

The inventory management module allows you to view inventory status with a visual representation of the quantities on hand. Lot numbers can be tracked and visual usage reports are available for traceability and meeting regulatory requirements. Reports can also be run showing ingredient requirements for planned orders.

Key Features

  • Empty Bin Marker 

  • Lot Tracking & Tracing 

  • PO and Scale Receiving 

  • Ingredient Requirements

Feed_Inventory Management_Inventory Forecast.png

The pricing module takes complex pricing structures and automates them for you. Orders can be priced using multiple different methods, such as price levels by customer, price schedules by date, and delivery miles. Contracts and grain banks are easily tracked, and powerful pricing features can be used to calculate advanced options. Specifically built for your unique needs in the feed business, our module takes the headaches out of pricing. 

Key Features

  • Cost Plus Pricing 

  • Advanced Pricing Functions

  • Grain Banks

  • Contracts

  • Split Billing

  • Toll Mill Capability


The order management module allows for seamless order processing that fits your business. These features help remove the headache of paper trails and lost files allowing you to better plan your production and forecast ingredient needs. Effortlessly linking together orders and ingredient usage projection to ensure you are ahead of the curve. 

Key Features

  • Faster Order Input 

  • Phase Feeding Templates

  • Regulatory Management (VFDs, Non-GMO)

  • Farm Bin Scale Integrations 

  • Farm Bin Level Projections

  • Easily Move Orders To Other Mills

  • Multi-Mill Capacity

Feed_Order Management.jpg
Order Management

The loadout module allows you to not only have complete control over your operation's loadout process but also extremely accurate and traceable records of your loads. All are captured automatically into the software without your manual effort. With technology, today, utilize cameras, tablets, and unattended stations to ensure your loadout is the most efficient as possible. 

Key Features

  • Loadout Bin Inventory Tracking 

  • Bagged Sales Order Processing 

  • Truck Compartment Traceability 

  • Tablet & Camera Loading 

  • Weigh Lorry or Shuttle Systems

  • Pre-Planned & Scheduled Truck Loads

  • Whiteboard & Truck Loadout View

Feed_Updated Whiteboard.png

Automatic daily performance reporting gives an overview of mill activity for each day in a comprehensive, easy-to-understand format. This overview provides the right information at your fingertips to make the best management decisions for your mill.

Key Features

  • Automatically Delivered to Emails on Set Schedule

  • Production and Order Statistics 

  • Productivity and Run Time Chart

  • Events by Type 

  • Average Statistics for Batches and Orders


Our hand-add station allows for additional safeguarding and traceability by monitoring and recording all hand-add bucket or bag mixer additions. Complete with a barcode scanner and scale, the hand-add station helps eliminate human error and increases safeguarding on high-risk materials. 

Key Features

  • Lot Tracking

  • Weight Verification & Barcode Scanning Checkpoints 

  • Bucket or Full Bag Inclusions

Hand Add Station.jpg
Hand Add Station

The truck scale and kiosk interface alleviate some of the day-to-day truck flow issues you may experience at your facility. Integrated into the NexGen Feed Mill Platform, eliminate another third-party integrator by utilizing this feature within our solution. 

Key Features

  • Inbound/Outbound Scale Interface

  • 24/7 Unstaffed Receiving and Loadout

  • Camera, Intercom, Printer Options

Truck Kiosk Image_Website.jpg
Truck Kiosk

Our motor starter panels are manufactured and wired in-house, customized, and assembled to customers' specific needs. Easy expansion of panels with custom schematics, terminal block layouts, and block diagrams speed up installation and troubleshooting. Panels are UL approved. 

Key Features

  • Compact IEC Style Starters and Contactors 

  • Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Soft Starts

  • Easy Expansion with Custom Schematics

  • Panels are UL Approved 

Motor Starter Panel Image.png
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