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NexGen® Grain Platform

The NexGen® Grain Platform provides you with automated control over your grain operations and most importantly, peace of mind. With increased productivity, safety, accuracy, and ease of use at the forefront of our development, we prioritized your facility's profitability and throughput. All while minimizing the headaches associated with facility control. Our system, complete with motor starter panels, will bring your facility into the next generation.


The inventory management module allows you to view inventory status with a visual representation of quantities on hand. Lot numbers can be tracked, and usage reports are available for traceability and meeting regulatory requirements. Reports can also be run showing material requirements for planned orders.

Key Features

  • Empty Bin Marker

  • Lot Tracking & Tracing

  • PO & Scale Receiving 

  • Material Requirements


The receiving & reclaim module offers you full facility control over receiving the product. Traceability starts when the product enters your facility. Utilize this module to ensure your operation will meet the necessary guidelines and keep you on the path to success.

Key Features

  • Equipment Turn Off in Error Situation 

  • Tablet & Remote Control 

  • Predictive Reclaim


The loadout module allows you to not only have complete control over your operation’s loadout process but also extremely accurate and traceable records of your loads all captured automatically without your manual effort. With technology today, utilize cameras, tablets, and unattended stations to ensure your loadout is the most efficient as possible.

Key Features

  • Loadout Bin Inventory Tracking

  • Bulk Load Build and Tracking

  • Tablet & Camera Loading

  • Automatic Loadout


The grain handling module allows you to fine-tune your processes by creating connections and automating many of the manual processes you have today. The opportunity to interface with multiple dryer systems, automatically route material and adjust equipment to achieve the ideal blending percentage all through an automated system. All with the option to utilize remote access to check-in on and run your facility from anywhere.

Key Features

  • Auto Routing

  • Remote Access

  • Blending Percentage

  • Dryer Interface


The maintenance & safety module brings all of your facility information and data together in one place. When it comes to maximizing your facility’s efficiency, having the right information about your equipment and the potential causes for downtime is priceless. This module brings all of that information to your fingertips and allows you to make better decisions.

Key Features

  • Hazard Monitoring

  • Bin Temp Control

  • Maintenance Timers

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