"One of the things that really makes us unique is our commitment to a high level of service. Whether that customer is a small farm level feed mill or a large commercial level feed mill we try to go out of our way to provide the best service possible.  That's what dictates what happens in our meetings, that's what dictates our decisions on where people will go for the week and where our service techs are... Everything comes back down to a customer-centered approach." 


- Jayden Grupe, Director of Sales and Service

Industrial Automation Software Service and Support

  • What is all included with my service and support plan? Included with your service and support plan is free unlimited business hour phone support, reduced after-hours phone support costs, and software updates for our industrial automation software service as they become available. 

  • Do you have representatives available 24/7? Easy Automation has both software and hardware technicians available for emergency after-hours industrial automation software support every single day of the year. 

  • What is the best way to reach you for service questions? Calling into our support line at 507-728-8214 is the fastest way to get your problem resolved. After hours, leaving a message in the appropriate mailbox will have somebody responding to you within just a few minutes.



  • In the first year of service, are after-hours calls included with my price? If you have a current service and support plan, after-hours call rates are reduced. Most full system orders come with one year of service and professional automation software support. There is still a small charge for after-hours support, regardless of whether you have a service and support plan. 

  • Who can I talk to when the technician that started up my facility is out of the office? Easy Automation has several technicians available every day to meet your needs. Even if your technician is unavailable, we have multiple experienced representatives that can help you by providing industrial automation software support.

  • Do most of your customers stay on a service and support plan? Yes. Over 96% of our customers continue with our service and support plan after their first year.

  • Why can’t my normal technician work with me on this project? Each of our technicians has a specific area of focus. This allows us to provide the best industrial automation software service possible and get you solutions faster. 



Switching software in our mill was a bit of a process.  We talked to a few others, and everybody complained about service.  So we went with Easy Automation because everyone talked about their great service and accuracy when making feed.  We have had EAI for a while now and I am very pleased to say the service is second to none.  This company could sell this software just on service alone.  Accuracy is unbelievable and I would recommend EAI to everyone that wants to upgrade or install a new mill.


It's been great working with Easy Automation.  When we needed service "right now" that's what Easy Automation delivered. Ours was not an easy project. EAI quickly anticipated our needs and surpassed expectations.  Working with EAI has been fantastic. 


The service technicians at EAI were not only some of the friendliest, but most personable people around.  The pure common sense and experience that they have is second to none.  Our operations runs two shifts, 24 hours a day and EAI was there when we needed them for every one of those hours!  You do not find that with many companies out there these days.  Thank you EAI.