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EAI offers customizable weigh hopper systems for your feed mill. Our equipment selection includes minor weigh hoppers for secondary ingredients, main scale weigh hoppers for primary ingredients, and loadout hoppers for end-of-line weighing. Each system adapts to your specific output needs, giving you the ability to customize spacing, capacity, venting options, and more. Our weigh scale hoppers feature quality manufacturing and are designed specific to your needs, products used, inclusion rates, etc. Learn more about each EAI weigh hopper system below, and contact us if you have questions. We can help you determine the right equipment to suit your needs. 

Minor Weigh Hoppers

Main Scale Weigh Hopper

Loadout Hoppers

Weigh Hopper
Feed Mill or Grain Handling Loadout Hoppers
Feed Mill Minor tote weigh hopper

The Minor Weigh Hopper design speeds up system by adding additional scales to weigh bulk bag or other ingredients.  This allows for precise weighing of ingredients that are too big for a micro system but too small for a main ingredient.

EAI's Main Scale Weigh Hopper is available in mild or stainless steel construction. While having many customizable options such as air gate configurations, capacities, venting options, and more the main scale weigh hopper can be configured to fit your individual needs. 

EAI Loadout Hoppers are practical and customizable. Alongside EAI’s loadout control system (Loadout Pro) this design is a seamless solution to loadout inefficiencies.  Customizable options include capacity, bin design, bin spacing, and more.

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