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More Tons Per Hour Starts Here.

“We were in a place with our old plant where it took two skilled employees and they were able to turn out 30 to 40 tons per hour dry fertilizer. With the automation system, we’ve reduced that to one person, and we are able to turn out 3x or 4x that amount in an hour.”

Evan Wielenga, Hull Coop

NexGen Agronomy Platform

NexGen Agronomy Platform utilizes both management software and automation controls to provide a seamless platform to manage both the physical and data sides of your business. We integrate with third-party systems, such as accounting, to simplify the flow of information back and forth.

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NexGen Agronomy Platform

  • Full Facility Control

  • Automated Reporting

  • Remote Monitoring

  • Third-Party Integrations

  • Customized HMI Screens

  • Receiving & Loadout

Customer & Partner Perspectives

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Why do you choose to work with Easy Automation as your automation partner?

"Your system seemed simpler than the competition and we were impressed with Easy Automation's approach of listening to our needs and customizing a system for our site which included both dry and liquid fertilizer systems. When issues come up, EAI is there on the other end of the phone to fix them on a timely basis. Staff is knowledgeable and courteous. 

Evan Wielenga, Hull Coop

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What value does Easy Automation bring compared to our competitors?

One of the biggest values that Easy Automation brings to our industry is their commitment to the customer during and more importantly after the project to ensure customers plants operate smoothly for years to come. Their commitment to innovation and technology capabilities will ensure customers systems are capable for the complexity of future needs.

Seth Schultz, Dultmeier

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Why do you choose to work with Easy Automation as your automation partner?

Easy Automation has been a great partner for more than 5 years. We have developed strong relationships through similar core values. More importantly, the feedback we get from our customers is that Easy Automation not only meets their needs, but exceeds in offering state of the art systems, service when required and flexibility to change or adapt their systems. The “can do” attitude and cutting edge features offered up by Easy Automation make Sackett Waconia fertilizer systems better and effective tools for our customers.”

Kelvin Feist, Sackett Waconia

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Would you recommend Easy Automation?

I would definitely recommend Easy to a perspective customer looking for a software provider. The attention to the customer is important to them and they have a great product. I feel this is one of the attractions to Easy for me, just the simplicity of navigating through the different windows of the system is nice. It’s not a simple system don’t get me wrong, but you don’t have to be an engineer to use it. 

Cortney Beck, Valley Ag

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Want to learn more about NexGen Agronomy Platform?

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Sam Pendleton

Director of Fertilizer Sales

Get in touch by requesting more information below or calling 507-728-8214 and asking for Sam. 

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