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Bin Level Order Projection

Integrate Your Whole Feed Manufacturing Process.

With the new Bin Levels Order Projection in NexGen® Office, you can integrate your whole feed manufacturing process for as low as $4 per bin per month•. We now offer easy, intuitive feed ordering and mill optimization through our new Bin Level Order Projection. Check out the demo!

NexGen® Feed Bin Level Order Projection

Integration from feed bin to mill offers enhanced efficiency, seamless data transfer, and ease of use for all operators involved. The Bin Level Order Projection allows you to:

  • Forecast feed usage and needs.

  • Prevent out-of-feed events.

  • Schedule feed deliveries more efficiently.

  • Pull from multiple sensor and scale vendors.

  • Seamlessly integrated into NexGen Office.

  • “Two-Click” order creation.

  • Achieve maximum feed mill optimization.

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On-Farm Bin Level Equipment Options

BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensors

BarnTools™ new BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor is an easy-to-install solution to achieve accurate and reliable readings on feed bins. It’s as easy as clip, connect, and monitor. Powered by solar technology, these sensors are just as easy to use as they sound.

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Bin Scales & Other Integrators

Do you have scales on your bins to read bin levels? Or do you integrate with another bin sensor provider? What if you have both? The Bin Level Module system is designed to connect to most bin level reporting solutions on the market. Seamless integration between providers is our goal.

Other systems we integrate with:

  • BinTrac

  • Maximum

  • AP

*NOTE: per bin pricing does not include hardware or NexGen Office software and varies depending on connected hardware.

Want to learn more about the
Bin Level Order Projection?

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Alex LeDuc

Regional Account Manager - Feed

Get in touch by requesting more information below or calling 507-728-8214 and asking for Alex. 

Bin Levels Screen_Web Size.jpg
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