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Horizontal Mixer Rendering_TRANSPARENT_without handles.jpg

Horizontal Ribbon Mixer

Our horizontal ribbon mixer offers a high-value on-farm mixer with high-quality standard features. Complete with heavy-duty steel ribbon flightings and pillow block bearings, this mixer is built to withstand your facility’s demands for the coming years.


Features & Specifications

  • Ribbon Mixer with Steel Flightings (No Urethane Paddles Needed)

  • Pneumatic or Electric Discharge Gates

  • Two Large Access Doors size 24” x 24”

  • Flexible or Solid Cover

  • Pillow Block Bearings as Standard

  • Oil / Fat Manifold as Standard

  • Dodge Reducers as Standard

Mixer Size Options

  • 1 ton at 2,000 lb. batch size

  • 2 ton at 4,000 lb. batch size

  • 3 ton at 6,000 lb. batch size

Optional / Add On 

  • Integrated solution with poly micro ingredient system (pictured above)

  • Load cell package

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