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EAI’s feed processing equipment offers versatile mixing in many applications from on farm, to commercial or organic operations. Our modular feed processor’s unique design provides transverse mixing action that is superior to a traditional “vertical” mixer. Blending occurs rapidly and a shorter mix time is needed to achieve desired coefficient of variation. The MFP feed processing equipment also performs well with adding liquid ingredients.  If you are looking for a practical solution for your feed batching and mixing needs, look no further than our animal feed processing equipment.  


  • Mixing tanks available in 1 ton (100 cu. ft). and 3 ton (175 cu. ft). 

  • Hammermill sizes available: 10hp, 20hp, 30hp.

  • Surge Tank - Depending on the amount of feed required, you can choose the size of surge tank which collects the main ingredients before they move through the hammermill.

    • Sizes available: 30 cu. ft., 50 cu. ft.​, 60 cu. ft.

    • Double hammermill design also available. 

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