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Farm Level System



Feed Software – The software side to Easy Automation’s totally integrated solutions.  Farm Level and Commercial Level feed software available to suit your individual needs.  Our software includes Feed Office Pro, Feed Batch Pro, Feed Order Pro, Receiving Pro, Integrator Pro Series, Loadout Pro,  See more…






Bulk Bag –Easy Automation’s Bulk Bag System is economical and simple, and its rugged construction provides years of trouble-free service. Standard dimensions are 12’ x 4’8” x 4’8” but size can be customized per customer’s request.  See more… 





MFP Mixer – Each Modular Feed Processing System is developed as the result of careful analysis of your feed processing requirements, your business plan, projected feed volumes, and feed options.  These will determine the choices you make in putting together your personal MFP system.  See more… 




E-Z Weigh IV – Easy Automation’s Easy Weigh IV utilizes cutting edge control technology from some of the largest feed mills in the world and delivers a system that is practical for the on-farm manufacturer.  Can be adapted to virtually any mill configuration.  See more… 





Micro System – Our micro systems are offered in several configurations to adapt to your existing space. The poly micro hoppers are available in four different sizes.  An EAI micro system can be easily expanded to the changing needs of your business. Our micro systems can be used with any batching system.  See more…







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