Dairy production plays a hugely important role in the agriculture industry. As a result, Easy Automation strives to make the dairy production process easier with our dairy plant automation systems and specialized micro ingredient systems. With solutions that will revolutionize the dairy industry, EAI is ready to prepare your custom dairy facility control solution.  We know your tight margins and endless hours of work, and we want our products to work harder than you. 





Cattle Micro Ingredient System  

Easy Automation’s integrated approach as a provider of equipment, controls, and software for the feed industry make it a natural fit to be able to provide a complete solution for feedlots and dairy herds looking to control and operate their own micro ingredient system.   


Easy Automation's Cattle Micro Ingredient System is your ticket to gaining more control over your margins and herd's nutrition.  It allows you to purchase ingredients from multiple suppliers and provides significant cost savings per head.  The complete solution includes controls, equipment, and software.  

  • ​System can be configured for how many bins you need.

  • Liquid, pneumatic, or mechanical means of conveyance.

  • Integration into multiple feeding programs. 

  • Easily handles liquid feed additives.

  • Optional bar code confirmation, refrigerated bins, and locking lids.

  • Reports on usages, dates, and current inventory.


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“One of the reasons that we went with this on-farm premix solution was the cost.  We researched and found out how much the individual commodities cost to make the premix, and it made sense for us to buy them ourselves.  The difference in cost is tremendous and the entire system, including the building, paid for itself in 4 months.”


- Andrew Oddy; Al Safi Dairy 

20,500 milking cows; 58,000 head of cattle.


  • Micro Ingredient System

  • Mixer (doubles as scale platform)

  • Drag Conveyors

  • Tote Unloaders and Scale

  • Elevators

  • Holding Bin

  • Controls

  • Motor Starter Panels (prewired and mounted)

  • Control Panels


We created the solution so that feedlot operators and dairy managers can make their own premixes on site. This allows them to change their formulas quickly based on animal health and growth and also helps them keep some of their feed costs down. The system is mounted on three skids and comes pre-wired to minimize the amount of on-site work.  


Dairy Control System

With limitless options when it comes to dairy facility control systems, we are ready for your project.  Whether it’s controlling a premix unit, automating a dairy feed center, or just general facility controls, we are your one-stop shop.  

If you’re interested in the capabilities of Easy Automation Inc. and our selection of cattle micro ingredient systems, get in touch. Our expert team will help you develop and implement either a cattle micro or dairy premix solution at your location. Simply reach out to us, and our in-house team of electrical and mechanical engineers can start to determine the project’s scope, and what equipment would be best suited for your unique operation. 



D A I R Y   M O D U L A R   P R E M I X   

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