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Easy Automation Launches New Bin Level Order Projection Feature



Paige Wolters – Easy Automation, Inc.


Easy Automation Launches New Bin Level Order Projection Feature

The new feature allows for feed mills to connect with bin sensors and scales to achieve facility optimization and two-click ordering capability.

Screenshot of the Bin Level Order Projection screen.

Welcome, Minn. (May 23, 2024) ­– Easy Automation, Inc., an international supplier of automation technology and equipment to the feed manufacturing industry, launches a new Bin Level Order Projection feature in their NexGen® Platform. The new feature allows feed mills to integrate their whole feed manufacturing process by creating real-time visibility of feed bin levels and the ability to order based on projected empty data. 

“In our over 35+ years of experience in the feed industry, we continue to see feed mills challenged by out-of-feed events or the pinch of beginning and end-of-week feed order requests. To help feed mills optimize their facility efficiency, our new Bin Level Order Projection feature helps create visibility of upcoming feed needs based on bin levels and allows operators to create orders based on these readings as they are most efficient for the facility,” said Brady Gaalswyk co-president at Easy Automation, Inc.

The Bin Level Order Projection allows feed mills to achieve maximum feed mill optimization by forecasting feed usage needs, preventing out-of-feed events, and filtering by location to schedule feed deliveries more efficiently. Built with customer ease of use in mind, the Bin Level Order Projection feature allows for a seamless two-click order creation directly on the bin level screen. Pulling data from multiple sensor and scale vendors, the platform is meant to seamlessly transfer data in and out of the NexGen Office program. 

“While this new feature can integrate with multiple types of sensors and scales, we are particularly excited about the integration with the BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor by BarnTools™,” shared Brady. The BinTalk Wireless Feed Bin Sensor is an easy 10-minute DIY installation that provides reliable bin level readings without the need for a direct electrical connection. The readings can be sent to both the grower's phone app, and the mill through the Easy Automation Bin Level Order Projection Module. 


Easy Automation will be providing live demonstrations of the new Bin Level Order Projection feature at the upcoming World Pork Expo at booth V817. For more information on the feature, visit the Bin Level Order Projection feature page


About Easy Automation Inc.

Easy Automation Inc. (EAI) is an international supplier of automation technology and equipment to the feed manufacturing industry. EAI is unique in providing customers the opportunity to fully integrate their operations with industry-leading solutions in controls, software, and equipment. With a strong conviction in company values and a service-oriented approach, EAI provides matchless service and practical engineering for exceptional solutions. For more information about EAI, visit 

About BarnTools

Based in Des Moines, Iowa, BarnTools delivers reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable barn monitoring technology to growers, producers, and integrators. The plug-and-play wireless BarnTalk alarm includes built-in cellular connectivity that works in rural areas, allowing users to monitor barn conditions 24/7 without a landline, hotspot, or internet plan. The BinTalk Wireless Feed Sensor delivers real-time feed bin readings through the BarnTalk app. With >96% accuracy vs. bin scales, BinTalk provides affordable, accurate, and easy-to-install feed monitoring. 



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